Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cowboy Up

The amazing vintage store I found in Spokane housed this kick ass sweater that I knew would be mine even before I put in on.  You know how you just look at something and you know that it will be apart of your wardrobe forever.  Well, that's this sweater, living in the Northwest one doesn't live properly with out a sweater, and to have one as stylish to boot, well that's a bonus.  Does anyone else out there in blog land have items of clothes that kind of define them? Not in a superficial way, but well for me, I'm practical to some extent, (this sweater is warm and cozy), I'm pretty frugal on spending money for clothes, (sweater was $40), I'm a out of the box thinker, big ideas and dreams (stitching is jockey running full gallup towards unknown) I don't know maybe I'm reading into things to much, but it just makes you wonder why you feel so connected to things?

This barn is a bit of a funny story.  One of my husband's students who has lived here all his life told my husband about this barn.  We are a little obsessed with old barns and eventually want to restore one to live in, but the story was that we could go there and shoot and no one would care, it was abandoned and not in use........  Well......... it happened to be SOMEONE'S barn right in the front of there house!!!! No one was home so we decided to shoot quickly, we aren't ones for just going onto peoples property and acting like we own the place, but it was so beautiful and I couldn't help it!  Needless to say, we live in the country with the most friendly people, it probably would have been fine. Lets hope the next barn really is abandoned.....we hope!!!