Friday, January 7, 2011

Oh look...... I have a garage.....kind of

Before I left  for the holidays we had the main garage level framed.  I didn't have any time to post these pictures so I wanted to catch you all up on where we are in construction.  I had some (issues) lets just say.... with getting some electrical lines removed from above my framing and placed underground so my framing contractor got as far as he could until I was able to resolve the problems.  Its so amazing to walk around an actual building now. 

Things I suppose will really start to take off from here.  We are in full swing again with framing the main living space and I cant wait to see how it feels from up there, the view, the experience of being in the trees as I had imagined it in my mind when I sat on the ground designing it in my head.

My belt that I had on was found in a thrift store awhile ago and feels like a tool belt to me, its leather that has been hand tooled and has lots of pockets and hidden compartments, so I found it appropriate to where it for these framing photos. I also made the headband last year, I usually where it as a scarf, but its made out of a old tee shirt that I cut up. Just some fun facts......