Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back to my own pillow

Polaroid from trip somewhere in Nevada

I'm Back!  I thought I might post while I was away but it was just so nice to not have to pick up the

computer.  I have felt so unpluged for the last month and a half it's really liberating you should try it!  We had


wonderful summer filled with lots of family and close friends.  My husband swam in 8 bodies of mountain

cold snow water and I learned how to make homemade jam's and jellies.  We camped and hiked, went to

 family reunions and a graduation. Built 2 sheds,

one for goats one for our stuff, won at a family tournament of horseshoes with my best partner brother-in law

 Rob (freak flag's rule!!) drank lots of homemade ice tea while listening to records on

 the porch and relaxed. It was a

 summer that both of agreed was the best summer hands down and really want to repeat it again if

 possible.  But now we are back and a little revived (you never really rest on vacations) and ready to dig back

 into the grind of finishing our Treehouse project.