Monday, October 4, 2010

Step Two

I decided that I wanted to start this blog as a creative outlet for me to record my construction project from beginning to end.  Documenting the construction process without adding a little humor would be a little boring so........... what could be more fun then spray painting the floor plan on the ground and walking around like you own the space.  I know my walls are not straight and my furniture is out of proportion, but you got to admit its better then looking at a set of construction documents asking people to visualize the ground.

This project, (even though I love it) has been quite a struggle for me emotionally.  I have been completely out of my comfort zone and  have been questioning when that shift of feeling like I have things under control will return? Pushing myself, walking thru the dark tunnel trusting that I will eventually see the light at the end is what I do best.  But something lately has me really questioning did I push to far?  I think I'm just in the thick of it, so bare with me and for now don't make to much fun of me lying on the ground pretending.....Happy Monday!