Monday, October 11, 2010

Non Original Idea

I haven't shared with you until now, that I call my project The Treehouse.  It is a guesthouse / garage that I'm building first, and the second phase will be the main house. I am doing this in phases so that I can shift my mother and ourselves around while living here and also to tackle a smaller project to get comfortable with running a job site.  Its not necessarily a tree house per-say but it will be overlooking a wonderful grouping of trees and being elevated on the second level gives you that hidden / secure effect of being protected.

While in Seattle last weekend, I stumbled across this building with the EXACT same material that I was planning on using for exterior siding. Everything about this building made me want to jump out of my skin,  with excitement of course......I have been in search of raw, unusual, off the beaten path materials for quite some time.  Even though I'm estatic to see that it works, I'm beginning to believe that there are no original ideas left out there in the universe.