Friday, March 25, 2011

Something's gone?

Notice anything different about the stairs?  Ok,..............I will tell railing!! It had to get cut off and modified and is on it's way to the metal shop to get sanded and welded to meet code. Right now it feels like a floating platform, I really like it the way it was, stupid code rules.  Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Who said redheads cant wear red?

I haven't done a fun outfit post in a long long time and my wardrobe has been so preoccupied with carhartt overalls that I thought I'ot to show you the windows from the inside with a little dose of color. These windows are wonderful and I'm proud to comment that my mad little plan of having such large overhangs to protect them from blowing wind / rain on them has been a success. Not one drop of water has reached a window, I went out in the dark with a flash light last night during a very large bucket pouring rain storm to check.  Now who's calling me crazy for a 5 foot overhang, not me.............I'm stoked I'm not going to have to add window cleaning service to my overall maintenance plan for my mom.

So, back to my red wool coat, I found it back home in Gardnerville during Christmas.  Its so big and comfortable that when I tried it on in the thrift store I thought this is exactly what I need in the Northwest.  Everyone's style is very comfortable / relaxed where I live, so I feel like I'm walking around with a big blanket keeping me warm.  So far I wear lots of layers to keep warm......I personally cant walk around in dresses with tights at this time of year, maybe I will get acclimated as the years go on so for now I gotta stick with jeans, boots, extra thick socks and red 70's-80's wool blankets.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

One Step Closer

Windows are installed and we are one step closer ladies and gentlemen to drying in this building for electrical.  It took 2 framers all of 2 hours to unwrap and hang 19 windows.  gesh......would have taken me all day just to lug the windows up the stairs.  It was extra fun to watch the room transform into a ROOM while they worked.  Up until now it has felt open and free to reach out and touch the trees nearby and experience nature.  Now it's more of an observatory, quiet and peaceful studying and examining the surroundings.  Speaking of nature, I don't know what weather everyone else is experiencing but we have had a extremely wet spring. (Not normal for the locals mouths) We have had bucket's of rain..... extra large puddles puddling around and almost into my garage level is a little obnoxious. And just when you think the ground can tolerate any more water the clouds part we have these beautiful epic sunny days, then buckets the next day.  Spring is really teasing me and I don't like it one bit!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The NOT Christmas, Christmas

They are here!!!! My windows were delivered today and it felt like Christmas Day.  I had a hard time getting to sleep last night because I knew they were coming today and I felt like a little girl anxiety filled impatiently waiting for the day to come so I see my presents waiting around the tree. (sitting in the garage) They are just windows, I know....... but I have been waiting a month and a half for these gigantic pieces of glass.  I have to say I'm very proud of myself for not getting overly annoyed about being behind schedule. This entire process has been behind schedule.  I really like a plan, I always have. I gave myself an ulcer in the 2nd grade because I had a B on my report silly.  But this year is symbolic for me, as a year of complete change and I'm welcoming it in waves, some days I shrug off the schedules and planning and take some deep breathes and just say o-well will tackle that tomorrow.  Other days I miss my 9 to 5 life,  my routine, my schedule.  I'm looking to find my happy medium and  my balance in life that will give me the stability I need and the freedom and excitement of the adventure of life I crave.  Oh gosh just listen to me......................all I wanted to do was tell you that I got my windows and now I'm ranting about my life discovery ................... I guess these are some darn good windows!! Stay tunes progress is about to pick up!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Tight rope walking

It has been eons since my last post........sorry.  I have been out of town taking care of business,  and patiently waiting windows to be made so major construction has been on hold. Now we are back to work doing death defying soffits. Not many things really scare us,  I'd say were pretty open to just about anything, will try anything once......but this chapter has taken things to a whole new level.

We have remodeled our 1930's bungalow, and have restored a 5 unit brick 1930's apartment building that before we bought it was a drug and crack house.  (will have to share that experience sometime....) So we have some experience knotches under our belt, taken on challenges that most wouldn't tackle, and that's us.  This is what we do, we have always had the philosophy that we can do anything we are smart, capable and when all else fails we research it on the Internet.  So I thought, big deal.....we can do it.  I can save some money for my mom for labor costs, and its going to go up easy no big deal......

Well, I didnt figure the height factor.  It is one thing to work and hammer 10 feet in the air, no problem. The ground is close enough that you wont get seriously hurt if you fall (only a little hurt) and you quickly forget the fear of heights after you start working and get into what your doing.  BUT, climbing up a ladder 28+ feet in the air and holding up a 16 foot long t & g cedar board, beating it into place is terrifying.  We started on the sloped side of the building and worked our way to the highest point.  The fear was instant, as soon as you started up the ladder it would begin to sway.  The ladders are meant to move a little but when your half way up and you feel like your on a wild bucking horse there is no comfort in feeling safe.  Plus your hands begin to sweat and you feel like you could just fly off at any moment. I had to keep singing out loud "rollercoaster" everytime I mentally began to loose it.  I love rollercoaster rides and it was the only thing that got me to smile and laugh while getting to the top. However, to add another layer of terror getting up to the top adds no comfort because from there you are actually begining the process of working.  Moving, pushing, banging, stapeling, measuring all invloves leaning out hanging on to joists.......terror!!!!!! It has been slow going, and Im glad to report we made it past the highest point of the soffits with only mild mental damage and have made our way to the large overhang on the living roof where heights are only 14 feet. 

I'm very excited about the result of the wood soffits.  I had envisioned a driftwood feel from the texture of the grain of the cedar with the stain that I applied.  Thank god that I like it, because I'm not going back up there to restain it any time soon!  Well, we have to side the building in a month or so, so till then Im comfortable just looking at it from the steady ground.