Saturday, July 2, 2011


Well, we have been busy little bees lately, BUT we did recently celebrate our 9th year anniversary.  It's crazy to me how time fly's by, especially when you have a sidekick husband who is amazingly awesome for putting up with all my crazy antics.  We have so much fun together, work hard together, love each other like crazy together and this last year solidifies what I already knew but get to recap each year on our special day.  We decided to drive up to Tacoma for a day filled with glass, antique's, good food, and old building sight seeing.  (all of our favorite things I might add)  Tacoma is a new place that we haven't spent enough time in so we had a blast driving around getting familiar with this extremely cool town.  We always hit up Seattle for our city fix, but Tacoma has some really happenin things going for it.  At one point during lunch we had practically decided to move there.....but  at the end of the day we are content to stay where we are for the time being. 

We have summers off so since the exterior is all wrapped up and can sit tight for a while we are going on a month long vacation.  We need a little break and have some family and friends to see, some rental maintenance to do and some much needed R and R to par take in. 

So, as we speak we are loading up our little Shasta trailer, hitting the road and hopefully will have a full recovery when we return. There might be some fun events while on the road, so stay tuned for a little more summer road trip and a little less construction.