About Me

Hello, I'm Terra, nice to meet you!

 I recently moved up to a itty bitty small town known as Port Townsend  on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington.  I'm originally from Gardnerville/ Reno Nevada so it has definitely been a big change in climate....... but a nice change.

This blog was created as a journal to document my adventure in designing "from scratch" a dwelling unit known as the "Treehouse".  From concept  to reality I have overseen the construction as the owner builder/ general contractor and have hired all my own subs to build this structure.  (Some work will be done by my husband and myself further down the line...) 
I graduated from a private design school and have worked in the design / architecture profession for the last 8 years. This new design chapter developed when a family member requested a custom house project allowing me to increase my skill level and educate myself getting "real world" experience in the field.  To some, I might be insane, I think of it as embarking on an incredible experience, one that I will likely never forget.