Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Coming Back Home

This last week while electrial wires were running about, my really wonderful friend Katie from back in Nevada needed a much needed break and decided to visit.  It was perfect because my husband's spring break was exactly the same time (he is a high school teacher) so we did our best to try and balance working a little on the building (not much got done which was a nice break and excuse to rest) and a trip out to the ocean at a beach known as La Push.  Yes..... many people are now very well aware of the town of forks and La Plush from the craze Twilight (I did at one point get very caught up in the whole mess and have since moved on thank goodness) but it in fact is one of the most gorgeous places I have laid eyes on.  Needless to say it wasn't hard convincing Katie why we uprooted our comfy little lives in Nevada for this new found paradise.  Actually, it was a "spiritual life changing day" in her words and I felt completely dumb struck that every word that was coming out of her mouth about her feelings in the environment, the textures, and deep rooted sensation of belonging to this place was "EXACTLY" the same words that had come right out of my mouth 2 years ago almost to the month.  I was born and raised in Nevada............dont' get me wrong all you Nevada folks who read along............ the desert is a wonderful place and I have a deep respect and long line of family heritage but when I came up here had my "spiritual life changing day" I knew that if we didn't go right then that we never were going to go.  And I knew we would regret it down the line.  It has been a struggle in some ways, you always make a plan and hope that the plan works out, this time around the plan half worked so things have taken us on a little bumpy ride.  On most days its hard to get away from all the crap that is happening that you can't change but have to make it thru, but then you enjoy a day at the beach at the start of where it all began and it makes you realize that 5 years down the line all the little stuff doesn't mean that much anymore and you made it.  Katie helped both of us realize why we did this and reminded us to pull our heads out of the sand and feel grateful for such a wonderful place to live.  As always I was constantly pulling inspiration out of every tree and rock and sand for design ideas for the building.  There is so much beauty in our environment and its taking a new form in the shape of my treehouse!