Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Home away from Home

At the moment this little trailer is really our only form of a home right now.  We don't live in it full time......yet......but it really is the only space that has some of our things, smells....us, just super small. We completely gutted the ceiling and replaced the rotted wood with new wood. Repainted the cabinets a soft light blue, wallpapered the walls with a beige and white flower pattern and installed cork flooring on the ground. If that wasn't enough we pulled out all the windows and trim and for hours sat polishing each window by hand. I sewed new curtains, bedding and pillows and with a couple more finishing touches (countertops, backsplash and upholstery bench) she will be done! We have taken her out a couple of times this year but here are some shots from our last weekend camping. 

This is bruce our moose, he's my favorite......