Monday, June 20, 2011

A change was in order

I cant handle things staying the same for 2 long, just a little revamp and we are good 2 go.

Future..... future project

This was one of the first weekends that we didn't actually work on the project, and on Saturday we stumbled on a historic house tour that got our feathers rustled.  We have a huge dream to live in a barn.......someday.

Dream one was to own a brick historic bungalow house........... (check that off the list)
Dream two was to restore an apartment building........................(also check that off the list)
Dream three is to live in a downtown, urban walk everywhere, live local, etc..........(working on that)
Dream four, buy some land, restore a huge ass barn to live, create art, own chickens, read books, listen to records and grow all our veggies.

(hummmmm in like 5-10 years)

So in the mean time we will curb that dream with ahhhhhhh inspiring tours of old school houses, first settler's homesteads and barns...... yes barns.  Most of the time we drive by barns declaring to ourselves that we love this size or that size, but you never really get to determine how big is to big.  You just can't walk up to someones barn and sneak around, well sometimes........ Some barns we toured had been converted into homes, some were in the process and others were just as they were built back in the 1800's.  We quickly determined what we will and will not be doing........ it was incredible and definitely has the wheels in my head a turning.

The next checklist

Good Monday Morning!!!

My morning was spent receiving Sheetrock and writing down what the next checklist of events will be for the construction, we are near the end and all but Sheetrock is on MY personal list of things my sidekick and I will be tackling.  Most we have done, so no fear panic feelings this round and I'm a little excited to see the inside come together!

As we work I will be updating the checklists to keep us motivated and if your curiosity strikes just click on the checklist on the upper right of the blog to view.