Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Whiteness all around

It's a wonderful feeling to see the physical change of a space, and I didn't have anything to do with it.  Drywall is in full swing and in just 2 days the walls are up and we are moving along!! All the skilled professionals that I have hired have been so darn amazing to work with.  I will admit I was extremely nervous about possibly having to scream and yell to get people to show up on time, clean up after themselves, not stick their cigarette butts in hidden nooks for me to find. But every single sub contractor from start to finish has been very conscious of being on time or early, and not a single piece of trash not even a cigarette butt has yet to be found.

Small note to people out there in the universe:

Take your time to hire someone and don't think that the lowest bid is going to be the worst or less professional job done.  I have from the beginning hired the lowest bid BUT it was a fair bid......... and that's the difference.  When I don't jive with the person bidding the job, I keep looking.  Yes it takes more time, but you are trusting this company to take care of you and give you something fair, don't you think you should wait for that?

Anywho, I have a nailing inspection tomorrow and then the "art" of drywall smooth finish will begin.  I hope I can learn a couple tricks of the trade while watching.....more to come......oh and we finally got the final exterior siding material today................can you guess what it is? Do you remember?