Friday, January 14, 2011

A Ground to Walk on

We have a solid floor!!!! Its a major deal to climb up upon a hard surface and take in the "new" view of the space in which your building sits.  Things change SO much from 10 feet up.  Remember those first initial shots we took back on the ground floor, things are still the same only a little higher.

It has been bone cold and rainy here lately but that doesn't seem to stop my framing guys. Its amazing to watch them construct this space, I can't stay inside because I'm always peeking out the windows looking and memorizing there process.  I do have some challenging areas, the first being a cantilevered entry and the second is my "green" living roof. 

Note to self: Make sure you find a better engineer for the next build who can actually reads your plans that you spend hours on so that he doesn't cost you extra money from his stupidity in the end.

My green living roof has extra fun steel framing that is suspended off my overly large steel I beam that has cost me quiet some $$$$$$.  This has not only left me with some stresses for my budget, but also my framer's mood as he loathed building it and believed I could have just dropped down my already tall garage ceiling and used cheaper wood trusses.  AHHHHH! Live and learn......

By the way.....I changed things up, did you notice.  I get bored easily so out with the old in with the new.