Tuesday, March 22, 2011

One Step Closer

Windows are installed and we are one step closer ladies and gentlemen to drying in this building for electrical.  It took 2 framers all of 2 hours to unwrap and hang 19 windows.  gesh......would have taken me all day just to lug the windows up the stairs.  It was extra fun to watch the room transform into a ROOM while they worked.  Up until now it has felt open and free to reach out and touch the trees nearby and experience nature.  Now it's more of an observatory, quiet and peaceful studying and examining the surroundings.  Speaking of nature, I don't know what weather everyone else is experiencing but we have had a extremely wet spring. (Not normal for the locals mouths) We have had bucket's of rain..... extra large puddles puddling around and almost into my garage level is a little obnoxious. And just when you think the ground can tolerate any more water the clouds part we have these beautiful epic sunny days, then buckets the next day.  Spring is really teasing me and I don't like it one bit!