Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Who said redheads cant wear red?

I haven't done a fun outfit post in a long long time and my wardrobe has been so preoccupied with carhartt overalls that I thought I'ot to show you the windows from the inside with a little dose of color. These windows are wonderful and I'm proud to comment that my mad little plan of having such large overhangs to protect them from blowing wind / rain on them has been a success. Not one drop of water has reached a window, I went out in the dark with a flash light last night during a very large bucket pouring rain storm to check.  Now who's calling me crazy for a 5 foot overhang, not me.............I'm stoked I'm not going to have to add window cleaning service to my overall maintenance plan for my mom.

So, back to my red wool coat, I found it back home in Gardnerville during Christmas.  Its so big and comfortable that when I tried it on in the thrift store I thought this is exactly what I need in the Northwest.  Everyone's style is very comfortable / relaxed where I live, so I feel like I'm walking around with a big blanket keeping me warm.  So far I wear lots of layers to keep warm......I personally cant walk around in dresses with tights at this time of year, maybe I will get acclimated as the years go on so for now I gotta stick with jeans, boots, extra thick socks and red 70's-80's wool blankets.

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