Thursday, October 28, 2010


This last weekend we wanted to get away from all the stress of this construction process so we decided to go camping.  Well it's not exactly camping season up here, (its starting to get into the rainy season) but we couldn't resist taking our trailer out.  So we packed up and headed to Seabeck a small little town on the hood canal.  We had a really nice time, the campground was completely empty minus the ranger so we got to enjoy the entire place to ourselves.  This camp ground was huge, it even had a homestead house built in 1910 that we got to walk around.  We hung out on the back porch for quite some time watching the rain fall  feeling a little homesick.

We are having a hard time transitioning from where we moved back in July, basically all of our belongs live in a storage unit and we are staying with my mother until we decide where we want to end up.  I needed to be available for the construction progress, so we are in limbo for awhile.  Its not so bad, feeling like a gypsy has its benefits, but it also makes it hard to feel comfortable.  I miss my sofa, my space, my record player but we uprooted our lives for the very reason that we wanted more then the life we had settled for. We had a wonderful life don't get me wrong, we own a house and an amazing apartment building both of which we have fully restored, good jobs, great friends, thrift store spending sprees whenever we wanted.  But we felt a little too plugged into the matrix I suppose.  I need adventure, big challenges I get restless........... so here we are homeless (not really but a little), a little miserable, but together growing and discovering our new world.


  1. I think the last photo says a lot. You and G are rock solid, love and friendship guys will breeze through this "adventure" and be on to the next in no time...but you will leave your mark, put your stamp on that little spot in Port Townsend on the edge of the bay, for all the world to revel in and admire. So looking forward to spending time with you! Jen

  2. Thanks you guys!!!! I really needed to hear that today......just going to keep telling myself to breath!! Love you too!