Monday, November 1, 2010

Trailer Resurrected

My husband and I have a pretty healthy appetite for junk and old things. Things are usually never TOO far gone for our eyes so while scanning craigslist one weekend we stumbled on this little gem rotting away.  After a quick chat and a "yes" we were off to resurrect her and begin some traveling adventures.  She had been someones idea of a easy getaway for the family, but with water leaking in the ceiling through the vent and the entire interior a dull shade of dirty primer white, there dreams quickly vanished.  Not ours...... we sat inside her alone for a couple of minutes planning and designing in our heads what she could be.  $500 dollars later we were off, and after a winters long renovation she's almost finished.

Tomorrow will be her big interior debut..... Unfortunately I didn't take any interior before photos (she smelled, was rotted, and felt yuck) but here are a couple of redoing the wood ceiling.

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