Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ready Set Go!

We have begun the first leg of the exterior siding marathon.  I call it a marathon because we have just started the race and have at least another 25 miles to go.  I don't like typical design and have really tried to blur the line of cost effective materials with originality and sometimes you have to pay the price of doing it yourself to reap the benefits. My siding bid from a contractor would be a nightmare with all the material changes and extra detail I want for the look and architectural design.  So, we started the weekend with alot of head scratching and making it up as we go.  My mind felt like the turtle slowly inching it's way to the finish line while my heart wanted to be the hare and just race to the finish line.  The turtle won..........

I'm the measuring / cutting girl and my husband is the ladder climbing  / nailer guy.  We make a good team most of the time......we got off to a rocky start with all that head scratching, he keeps telling me this is his last project and I roll my eyes and tell him ok........we will see with a hidden smile............I know its not true secretly....

Biggest accomplishment so far: Reading the ticks on the tape measure correctly. Its so much easier when we aren't telling each other.  "It's the second small tick past the big one on the right side of the half inch mark." 

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