Thursday, October 6, 2011

Part ONE of a dozen

There are so many steps that have had to occur in order to get to this point.  And there are still a number of steps left to complete before we have finished tiling the floor.  We are in the middle of a little bit of limbo at the momment, not the best feeling, but we are pushing through.  Tiling is not an easy task, but we have tiled enough to feel comfortable with it and are up for the challenge of such a large space. This floor can look HUGE when your moving tile by tile across the room. Lot's can go wrong!

We both have our jobs, I lay and he cuts. Both are messy, exhausting and keep you on your toes. 


  1. This blog is fantastic! You guys are doing a great job. Keep the photos coming.

    If you get tired, slow down. Quality should not be rushed.

  2. Good reminder Dennis......and the photos will keep running!