Monday, September 27, 2010



Discovering a new town can be a bit overwhelming, finding the best spots, new friends, the beginnings....... this weekend was not one of those wandering aimlessly " where should we go....i don't know" weekends.  It was a weekend full of films, movies in the street (Princess Bride on hay bales oh ya!), documentaries and filmmakers flooded my little town to view films not yet available to the general public. It was such a wonderful reflection on why my husband and I decided to uproot our comfortable life and start all over in this small teeny town.  

Dive was an amazing film about dumpster diving, and Queen of the Sun  was a shocking documentary about the honey bee crisis and monoculture farming. (Both films were epic life changing get off your bum and do something it!) 


  1. This sounds like such a charming and enjoyable weekend! I would LOVE to watch Princess Bride outdoors on hay bales! This coffee shop looks nice too. You guys are so ballsy for just plotting a course, picking up and making such a big change and while I think change can be initially a bit jarring and funktastic, from the looks of these pictures, you guys will find your way sooner than you think. Hell, it looks like you already have. This town looks incredible. By the way, I think I can see Gary's scrote in that top picture.

    Just fuckin with you! Its actually just really nice to "see" you guys. Love that hat on you Gary. Dude, Q. C. lets do this man.

  2. Ha, hes going to love that I got a pic of his scrote! HA J/K. I love doing this blog, I feel such a art movement coming out of us, we did a photoshoot today that involves my building process cant wait to post!