Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Step One

I have embarked on a journey to build a structure from the ground up using only my thoughts, my sketches, my ideas, my very first project start to finish..........  This project is not for me but for someone who I know very well, my mother.   This close relationship gives me the freedom to take risks (not to many) and a chance to observe her day to day routines and schedules. Learning the in's and outs of my mother even though she cant describe them makes this project  a unique design experience . After working in the design field for the last 7 years I have seen so many projects get to the "yes this project is going to be different" stage but then things get dicey. Budgets get cut, unique design features get thrown out, alternatives become the typical instead of the creative.  Well not this project, sure I have parameters to follow, a budget but no one can stop my creativity from reaching the end of this project.  I'm even going to have to pick up a hammer or finish up the tile in the bathroom, but I wouldn't have it any other way. 


  1. I love that you are sharing this project! I love to remember the day you brought these little models over and we got all pumped about projects and things. Wish we would have taken advantage of living "closer" when we had the chance. Strangely though, I feel like we may be able to get to know and keep in touch with each other much easier via blog. hmm.

  2. Seriously I feel the same way!!!!! But you know sometimes its easier because we get busy in the day to day stuff and forget whats right infront of us. Stupid!!!!

    Im so excited to share this project I cant wait to document it, not as just as a construction project but as art and story.

  3. aw you are stunning! i love the cozy vibe of your blog.