Tuesday, October 5, 2010

By plane, bus, ferry and car

It takes me FOUR types of transportation to get from the airport to my house.  From the Tacoma airport I jump on the bus system or monorail that drops me downtown and from there I board the Bainbridge ferry which carries me across the Puget sound and leaves me with a hour car ride home.  Basically I live in the sticks..... Its a beautiful place and when I'm in downtown Port Townsend soaking up all its small town charm I'm grateful to have found a wonderful hidden treasure, but its far. 

Saturday my mom needed to go to the airport so we decided to drop her and bum around Seattle for the day.  Our trip wasn't our usual shopping, museums, shows, good restaurants kind of trip. It was more of a spelunking expedition to my new favorite part of Seattle.  My husband and I usually find our way into the creepiest parts of towns in hopes of the best thrift stores, or junk shops for building renovations and interesting architecture.  We drove around all sorts of back roads exploring new territory, we went to a Goodwill "outlet" (probably the scariest thrift store I have been too) people wearing sanitary gloves, buying electronic equipment to get there "fix" for the day.  Items sold by the pound, (I got a purse) but think its a one time visit for me. I will post my trip all this week but for today a fun little photo shoot in a alley row of fun colored buildings. Enjoy!

Side Note: I wanted to apologize to Christina over at Second Skin for my post yesterday.  She was the wonderful person who found me those amazing suede boots and I wanted to give her credit for them and forgot!  She finds the most AMAZING thrift items...... so thank you so much!

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  1. Ah you don't have to give me credit lady! I was just winking at how cute they were on you! And jee golly, I love you guys! These photos are so incredibly cute! I am so happy you throw a few of Gary in there occasionally too! I assume he is your photographer? Well these shots of you on the yellow wall are just adorable! And dud, I love how Gary is just rocking a vest! I LOVE that! Ha hahaha! Sounds like If I am ever going to visit you guys I will need a freaking escort from the Airport! I get confused going to simple places so I am sure I will just check out of reality it I am to navigate all of these modes! Oh and that goodwill sounds insane. gloved hands? whoa.