Friday, October 8, 2010

Its a Mans World

I have been digging in the dirt for the last two days. While prepping for the foundation footings to be poured I looked around today, while hammering spikes into the ground, it occurred to me that I am definitely in a mans world.  As a designer I mostly work with contractors all of whom have been men. I usually get the eye rolling facial expressions and comments like "oh YOUR the designer" making me feel a bit like an outcast. It usually takes me awhile but eventually they except me and realize I'm not just some floozy decorator. Slowly they forget that I'm a women outcast in there manly world.  I am just a person like them, wanting to learn to grow. 

This project has been a little different as I have taken on a larger role as owner/builder, the big "general contractor" of sorts.  I still got the uneasy little look at first (them sizing me up), but I don't care anymore, I'm running the job, I'm making the decisions. So today I put on my carhartt overalls and started hammering away, building my foundation footings from my drawings, solving problems.  Thankfully I hired a wonderful foundation contractor who enjoyed the help, and taught me a thing or two as well.  I feel that I am just where I need to be in my life, I couldn't be happier in this mans world!

Documenting the foundation with carhartt's seemed a little blah, so typical, so my husband and I decided when everyone left to do a little photo shoot.  This wool jacket and shirt are vintage from Austria bought and handed down to me from my grandmother.  I don't know how many times she wore them (actually there is a beautiful wool skirt as well I will have to show you that sometime) but it is in pristine condition.  Every time I look at this outfit I think of my grandmother, her strength, her love and belief in me.



  1. Well, I struggled a lot with what to blog about when I started - I originally started it as an extension of my Etsy shop, but that got boring pretty quickly. Now I would say its mostly about style, but sometimes that extends into other "style" areas like home decor, and I do include random things I find and like or other things I feel like sharing. It's definitely not as strict a style blog as a lot of the other ones out there. I think the important part is to make your blog what you want it to be, not what you think others will like.

    Have you ever heard of the BAC (Boston Architectural College)? They have a distance Master of Architecture program you could look into if you wanted to get a licensed but
    not have to do the whole "quit my job and go back to school" thing.

  2. I am a bit behind in commenting here but I have read every post! I loved the photos here and your story about your grandmothers suit! You look absolutely adorable sitting in these forms!