Monday, October 18, 2010


This is an amazing salvage yard that I will be purchasing from for my current and future construction projects.  I have been to quite a few salvage/ building recycling places, but this one clearly has there crap together.  Its called Second Use, and they are located in Seattle.  It took only an hour or so of driving around in circles, back streets, Aggravated moments between me and my husband "no its this way I'm sure, trust me......crap dead end".  But it was worth the head ache.  There entire building and yard is full of every possible material from old antique to new commercial grade products.  Lines of doors old and new, windows, cabinets, wood molding, lights, hardware, tile, flooring must I still go on.....

My projects budget is getting smaller and smaller with all the added costs that spring up, but I'm not about to let my design suffer because I don't have a unlimited bunch of money at my disposal.  So, at Second Use I purchased a new commercial grade entry door lock set in the box for $15 dollars.....marked at regular cost for $130.  And, these amazing metal angle iron brackets that are going to be mounted on the exterior siding as wall supports for a metal / wood awning I'm designing.  Each metal piece was only $45 dollars!!!!  Now, I don't know if you know much about metal, but that pile on metal sitting there and the cost of construction would cost well over $800.  I'm so excited with my little treasures and will be back there quite often I can imagine.

Possible metal stairs to Treehouse, got to make sure it will work!

Love, love this sink, it is going to live in a my furture barn house dreams....


  1. You must have felt like a kid in candy store. Looks amazing!

  2. It seems like one of those places that is completely intimidating, but if you get up the courage and dive's 1000% rewarding. Good luck putting it all in place!