Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My backyard my new backyard.  Living in the desert most of my life, I have always craved visiting water places.  I have always felt out of my element in the desert, it just doesn't agree with me. Now I wake up I see water, I drive into town I see water, I take a ferry into Seattle on water. I'm in love with water........

and crazy jellyfish things....

There are the most wondeful purple shells that wash up along the shores of my house, I have gathered a bag or two and plan on using them in my building project as a design idea for countertops.



  1. What a beautiful space you have to inspire your creative side. I have always loved going to Seattle and being near the water. It is such an interesting place because it feel like a mix between a lake and the ocean. Love it.


  2. I REALLY want to come visit you guys now! Holy! This looks beautiful!

  3. How pretty! I love water too, I always make a point of living near the coast. Your backward is beyond amazing though.