Monday, January 24, 2011

The BIG Picture

Hope everyone had a great weekend.......I have been busy busy  and will show you a little later on this week what we were up to.  I have exciting news to share..........I have completed my first milestone, my framing is complete! There are a couple little odds and ends to wrap up, but now the majority of work will begin inside.
Front of Treehouse looking from street. Garage entry at main level, with staircase leading to living quarters.

Back side of Treehouse looking at second garage door on ground floor and green living roof, with living room behind.

To start off my week, I wanted to show you all the big picture!! From exterior to interior here is my Treehouse.  Some of the interior photos might look a little confusing, but its the beginnings!!!!
Happy Monday everyone!

Main living area, will be temporary living space while main house is built.  Then will become guest house for visitors.

The Tandem garage was designed to allow people to "drive thru" instead of pulling in and backing out.  The narrow site provided some driveway challenges, so I built a new road and created a loop to make a better flow for traffic.

Bedroom area

From left to right: Bathroom entrance from kitchen, green living roof looking into living room. living room from kitchen/entry.

Kitchen area


  1. LOVE IT! Remind me to ask you all the questions I have when I see you, about the green living roof and gutters and all the things I want to know! - Jen