Monday, January 31, 2011

Rain rain go away...

Just kidding......the rain actually hasn't been that bad this winter.  Coming from a desert "dry" environment you would think I would be depressed and all miserable, but we are doing just fine, a little cold...... but fine.  We have started our first phase in taking over the project (by this I mean my husband and I are getting our hands dirty and taking some things over)  We are BIG do it yourselfers and this is a great middle ground to save some budget costs and learn some new skills.  So........ we begin by waterproofing the exterior siding. 

You know what FedEx packages that you receive in the mail are made of???? Tyvek......Strange to think that we wrap our houses in the same material but it basically acts as a water barrier keeping moisture out.  By completing this step it allows us some time to "dry" in the house so that windows, electrical, plumbing and sheet rock can begin inside.  Being that it is winter time right now, painting and siding are better spring time projects, so the tyvek can act as a temporary exterior protector for a couple of months till things warm up.

We started on the first floor and then worked our way up.  Each roll was roughly 150' x 9'. It was extremely awkward at first having such a large size to stretch across the sheeting.  The material is rolled out, stretched and tightened as much as possible, then stapled in place.  All windows are wrapped and seams are taped to prevent water penetration. 

Here's some interesting shots of us figuring it out as we go........I just want to note, that I have the most amazing husband who without him nun of this would be possible.  Thanks honey!!!!

Most times we used ladders to get to hard to reach places, however sometime you need to use body parts to hold you in place when both hands are needed.....I guess that's what happens when your married to a rock climber.......

I'm not sure that hanging out of windows and blocking up ladders on stairs with wood is OSHA approved safely standards but..........say la vie.....

Checking out the view 20 feet up........I admit it makes your stomach twist a little........

 All in all it took us approximately 3 days to complete.  Not to bad for 2 novice Tyvek hangers!!!

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  1. Haha! I love the leg hold :)

    It must be extremely rewarding to actually do some of (or a lot of!) the building yourself. Man...this building will be a big chunk of your heart when it's completed.