Monday, February 7, 2011

Finding Happy Medium

Problem solved, and new windows have been ordered.  Things happen, I knew they would, nothing can go perfectly, but it gets the best of your nerves some of the time.  Truth be told, I'm kind of relieved that I got to go back to the drawing board.  I was forced to look at the overall picture again and really think about the pros's and con's to vinyl vs fiberglass/wood and I found my happy medium for the first time since researching windows for this project.  I found a new line that just came out in January that Milguard (a local and large business that should stay in business for a long time, lets hope) made, I'm still using a vinyl window however they now offer 4 new colors that have been tested to resist heat/cold/humidity etc. with a life time guarantee warranty.  One of my struggles this entire time was only having A or B to choose from. It is very limiting when your attempting to build a high end custom house on a track house budget..  All these decisions will effect the second phase of the project which is the main house.  

For anyone new reading this, I'm starting with this Guesthouse/ Garage as a starter project to get my feet wet in general contracting, after we have completed the Treehouse as I call it we will be tearing down a 1400 sq. ft. house and building a 2100 sq. ft. custom main house with similar design but a much larger budget.  (Lets hope!!)

I wasn't thrilled with white vinyl windows for the main house, but was going to make do. However with the discovery of the new vinyl color options I also found a new line that Milguard just came out with. It is a higher end wood interior window that has a color selection that matches the vinyl perfectly.  So from the outside everything will look the same, and from the inside you never notice the difference from one space to the next.  Things happen for a reason, and yes I lucked out and now my only setback is waiting an extra 2 weeks.  I think I can handle that, don't you?

Lets hope my luck continues, my rough in plumbing is done, and have a final inspection today, wish me luck!!

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  1. So glad something worked out in the end. Something almost always does...right? I like to think so, anyway. Very great product find, by the way.