Thursday, February 3, 2011

Spiraling down the rabit hole

Well folks...the saga continues.......yesterday my windows were scheduled to be delivered.  They didn't show up I got concerned and found out that the company decided to close there doors instead. They are a good company but with all the economical setbacks they just cant stay open.   I just can't win with these darn windows I'm so frustrated, pissed, scatterbrained, annoyed.......HAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! So what to do, what to do...............

They were made and ready to ship, now they are lost in distribution never to be seen again.  Fortunately, I haven't paid a penny towards them, so I can walk away with only frustration.  Now I'm debating on slashing vinyl windows forever and re-evaluating everything all over again.

Oh boy..........


  1. Even though everyone says building a house is filled with moments like this, I'm sure it is still crazy infuriating when they happen. Sorry girl.

  2. Funny you didn't want vinyl in the first place...and yet they were built but not delivered and the best thing of all: not paid for!...this means they weren't meant to be... I say if you had installed them you wouldn't have been happy with the just got lucky, girl. I know you'll find the right thing. The right windows make all the difference...they're like the eyes of the building...and you see into its soul through these eyes...

  3. Just think about how happy you're going to be when all this is done... :o)