Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What was broken is now fixed

We are working away on siding still......... the wood is almost done but I wanted to wait to share it until its complete.  Its my way of giving myself a reward, I guess.  A little break to re coupe then we are on to the hardi panel siding.  We started a wall at the entry already so the stair railing could go up and its really fun......well if you consider lifting a 100 lbs in the air and setting it into tracks.  Its bullet proof I suppose against the weather but we have a love /  hate..... mostly hate relationship with it so far. Should be interesting.

So while I have been swinging from ladders my stair railings were fixed for code and reinstalled.  The metal guy I found has been perfect for this project.  He gets my thinking process and we have so many exciting details in store coming up! The top of the stairs at the landing is my favorite part, don't miss checking it out....  The lines of the railing just bend around and float over the space and into the wall.  It was incredibly complicated to make with all these compound angles and things I can't even fathom. Now all I have to do is paint them....hummmmmm what color? Will keep you posted!


  1. This looks so amazing. I can only imagine how great it must feel to be doing all that!

  2. It's coming along Ana, thanks for checking in!!! This has been a real journey and makes me want more!!!!!