Monday, May 2, 2011

No more wood......

I'm so excited to report that we have completed the wood siding!!! It went up relatively pain free, however,  one 6 inch board after another 6 inch board for 30 feet can get a little daunting.

I'm extremely pleased with how wonderful it looks, it has really added another dimension to the exterior architecture.  It was funny to watch people drive by who have seen the white tyvek sheeting for the last couple of months slow down or stop and just stare.  Everyone has been extremely friendly and have made really nice comments on how good its turning out.......=) Our neighbors came over for dinner while we were half way through and commented that we must have done this before.  Ha! I guess our first siding job can't look that bad!!

Our interpretations of how we felt after the wood was completed. 
My legs on the other hand were getting quite a workout.  The day went like this: Climb up the ladder take a measurement, go down ladder cut board, climb up ladder with board, place board, nail into studs, climb down ladder, move ladder to middle of wall, climb up ladder nail rest of board into studs.........that's just one board. I bet there is a better way but it was the best we could come up with! Just some corner metal pieces to trim the two edges together and we don't have to touch those walls again! Well for at least 10 years......


  1. Wow! Looks fantastic. I forget...will the wood color age or are you going to try and treat it so it doesn't?

  2. Thanks for the comments!! Yes the wood is already stained with a semi-transparent blue color. It is water tight and fade resistant so it will not age for a very long time. Hopefully!!

  3. Scaffolding my friend, scaffolding...and a big extension cord for cutting way up high! IT LOOKS AMAZING!! You and G are superstars. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

  4. That looks good. Heh, a jump of joy for the new wood siding? Well, why not? It's a job well done, and a great reason to be happy.