Sunday, May 15, 2011

For the love of blogging...

Well it just goes to show that you shouldn't take blogging to serious, because someone can get hurt. AKA my husband. Thankfully there was no permanent damage but we did have our first official accident on Saturday.  On one hand it's embarrassing but on the other we laughed really hard after it happened, I think to relief the stress of the what had just happened.  So to recap.....

Last week we took a week off to head to Reno to take care of our rental properties (I think it's time to share those stories soon, because it relates to where we are now) anywhoo we worked our butts off in Reno and came back exhausted..... we started back on the Hardi Panel siding on Saturday in hopes of finishing it up, but we had been having a hard time getting back into the groove of things. It was a slow day to start, lots of running around, heads not really in the game that sort of day. 

So, after a late start we finally got into a productive routine.  We worked away finishing up the back side of the building and moved our way around onto the living roof, the easier side......we were about to finish our LAST full 4 ft x 8 ft panel then........stupid blogging got in the way.

We wanted to video the last panel getting hauled up the ladders.  First, because it was the last panel and second, because we are idiots....... In the last five years we haven't had one, not one single accident.  I guess this really can be called a close call  but no excuses, we will not be doing dangerous stunts anymore period for the blog.   On the flip side, we laughed really hard to the point of tears, of course after I found out that he was ok and there were no broken bones.  And believe me at the end I can't believe I caught the whole thing on film because after it happened I didn't even know I had the camera still in my hand.

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