Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My middle ground

This project has really been a struggle for me when it comes to my design decisions.  I have been picking paint for clients and my own projects for 8 years with no problems.  But I have really had some conflicting conversations in my head about what direction I want to go when it comes to wall color. I know in my head how I want it to feel but the designer in me wanted to go all bold and bright, and the architect in me wants the spsce to speak for itself and not be distracted.  After much debate (with myself and my poor husband saying he wasn't to sure about any of it) and one paint flub I finally decided. 

This color (which is called Soothing Aloe) from Benjamin Moore is the perfect balance to me between designer Terra and architect Terra.  Its not aqua blue screaming in your face and it's not white and boring with no personality.  Its not the focal point of the room, its just the middle ground. Just where I want it to be!

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