Thursday, August 25, 2011

One man's trash is another man's treasure

I know that these aren't really exciting pictures, but I'm a sucker for the small stuff.  These scrapes of wood were left over pieces from the exterior siding. When we were finishing up the siding a couple of months ago I just couldn't throw the left overs away.  It was such a waste!! Well, let me take that back considering how much some people over order for materials then throw them away because they had to much.  I ordered the exact sq footage plus 10 percent for mistakes and such, but enevitably you always have a scrape pile.  The point that I'm getting to (it's just taking me awhile) is that your scrape pile might still be full of good stuff and could allow you to save some money for other areas.  Sounds good right?

So the pile of scape's moved to the corner of the building waiting for a new home.  And finally yesterday they were dusted off and re cut to there new destination of the bedroom niche.  This element has always been a little off to me.  It's never felt quite right even when I was first designing it. But now the wood is defining the line of the niche........ it's like a whole new niche.  The entire element actually has become important to the space, even from outside looking up into the room.  (Hummmmm It's like I planned it......shhhhhhhhhhhh)

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  1. So, that wood is super rad, but I think Gary's mustache is overshadowing it....